How We Do It – Bikes 4 Orphans
Giving Orphans the Gift of Education Through Bicycles
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A look into what we do to fundraise money to be able to finance our deliveries!


Nina K. 46

Our fundraisers include community bicycle rides and group hikes on city trails. Our fundraiser creates awareness in our community and educates the public on the impact bicycles have in 3rd world countries all while listening to local bands, eating great food and getting fit!


Rotary Club Presentations


Rotary Clubs are composed of community leaders and entrepreneurs who are determined to make a positive change in not only their neighborhoods but the world. Rotary Clubs give us the opportunity to present our accomplishments and goals in return for seed money to fund future deliveries and projects in 3rd world countries.


Personal Donations


We are very grateful and blessed that our closest supporters donate to the Bikes 4 Orphan’s cause even when we are not actively hosting fundraisers. These donations are a major reason why we can continuously deliver to orphanages around the world. Our supporters are the heart of Bikes 4 Orphans.