4th Orphanage Delivery!

4th Orphanage Delivery!

One Bicycle Foundation is thrilled to announce that twenty bicycles were recently delivered to “The Daos Children Centre,” in Kenya. This is the second Kenyan orphanage that we have been privileged to work with.

An overwhelming majority of the orphans were eager to receive bicycles after Johnathan Munyany, the orphanage’s director, asked the children what they wanted for Christmas in 2013. The wish of numerous orphans has been conquered through an outstanding number of generous donors and various organizations. A Christmas gift was delivered, in addition to a tool of transportation for simpler access to educational facilities, work, and family. The power of a bicycle will assist in creating a bright future for the orphans of “The Daos Children Centre.” 

Thank you to everyone who has supported One Bicycle Foundation and for those who are considering supporting One Bicycle Foundation we hope that we have shown the impact your donations can make. We are very proud to have helped four orphanages in three different countries and we are looking forward to continued success.
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Here are ways you can support One Bicycle Foundation: 

  • Donate at www.bikes4orphanages.blogspot.com
  • Be a sponsor for our 2nd Bike-a-thon scheduled for this fall
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